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LRG International has a specific set of services to assist in all types of Solar Power needs.


Solar Instellation

LRG International has an expert team of proffesionals that oversee every aspect of a Solar Installation. Ensuring expert workmanship and quality installations. We have qualified Project Managers who ensure the solar installation runs smoothly.

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Load Profiling

LRG International has a state of the art Load Profiling system for every aspect of Load Profiling. Let us help you see where you're using power and how much power.

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Solar Products

LRG International has a strives to deliver quality Tier 1 Products for all Solar Installation applications. From Solar Panels to Mounting Structures. So

About LRG International

LRG International was founded in 2015, by Nick and Nic. With experience in Construction Project Management and Electrical Installations, they’ve created LRG International. LRG International – The result people with a dream who refused to give up.

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