LRG International – The result of three individuals with a dream, refusing to give up.

Solar PV Installation Specialists

LRG International is a young, agile company that is managed and steered by four, highly experienced
Directors, each one of them ensuring the complete and utter satisfaction each responsible level. We
maintain a very high standard in Solar PV Installations, which assisted us in securing the work we
have successfully completed thus far.
With a full E.P.C team as well as an Auditing and Consulting team, we are one of the Strongest Solar
Installation firms currently operating in Southern Africa. A very strong Project Management Supplement also ensures that we can guarantee customer satisfaction.

We believe and strategise by the Time, Cost, Quality triangle, and it is our core focus to offer our clients the highest level of service in all our various departments.
With a level of expertise this high, and a guarantee of satisfaction, it will come as no surprise that we at LRG International have decided to only partner with the best, Tier 1 and Tier 1 A+ manufacturers globally, for all our components and products. We also house a full spec off-site Monitoring System which we use to monitor, maintain, control and even call out our technicians as and when required.

On the Job at one of our Successful sites.

This state-of-the-art system allows the
customer full view of his plant on one screen, regardless of inverter/module make and regardless of
installation type.
With all the above, neatly packaged into one small, agile and young company, we would like to
waste no further time and say…



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