What can LRG International do for you?


LRG International is a full turn-key Energy Consulting and Installation company that provides its
customers with unique solutions, quality workmanship and expert designs. With a full range of
services and products under us we ensure that we only deliver the best projects successfully.

We are the lighting and renewable generation.


LRG International delivers top class Solar PV related services.
Project Engineering
& Design
An in-house group of professional Engineers – Civil, Structural as well
as electrical ensures we deliver on expectations, ensuring our design
become reality.
ProcurementWe have a strong procurement leg, and this leg also forms part of the
skeleton of the company, without whom we would not be able to
complete our service delivery. This is the same team of experts that
import our range of HAKEL products. They are well trained to ensure
the purchase occurs at the right price point to ensure you never pay
more than you need to for the best possible quality.
LRG International has a dedicated and driven Project Management
supplement. They plan, implement, drive and complete projects with
a successful flair. Our project managers are driven by the knowledge
that each successful projects helps ensure a sustainable future. The
project teams understand that a project’s success is determined not
only by completion time, but budget, site management, safety as well
as quality workmanship. With these factors in place LRG International
ensures the success of any project they take on.
Construction /
Installation (inhouse
A unique driving force behind LRG's success is our expert
construction and installation teams. We have more than 600
installers, nation-wide available at any time, as well as our in-house
teams which strives towards delivering quality installations during,
and after the construction phase. Each of our installation and
building teams consists of skilled workmen in all relevant areas
related to the project. The LRG International site supervisors are
knowledgeable and uniquely qualified in all aspects of Solar,
Construction and Electrical Installations who always ensures that an
installation is executed to deliver and even in most instances exceeds
the clients’ expectations. During this process a keen eye is kept on all
the facets of the project to ensure a safe environment as well as
successful project completion.
Our services include procurement, manufacturing, installation,
commissioning, monitoring, operations and support in the following
• Mounting structures
• Modules
• Inverters
• Specialised Balance of System
• Cables
• Surge Protection Devices
• Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate
• All other aspects of Solar PV.
• Plant reticulation, cable racking and routing
• LED Lighting
• Small power
• Emergency power, UPS’s, and generator systems
• PV Combiner Boxes
• Earthing and lightning protection
• PV Construction Project and Site Management
• LED guard – LED Traffic Signals
Commissioning and
When a Project nears completion, we start the commissioning
process. We test and monitor all aspects of the installation against
stringent evaluation criteria. Once completed successfully, we will
sign over the plant to our client ensuring that they have been trained
to successfully take over the day to day management of the system.
Operation and
maintenance with
LRG International understands that the maintenance of a plant is key,
and that is why we install a world-class monitoring system for our
plants. A full spec off-site Monitoring System which are used to
monitor, maintain, control and even call out our technicians as and
when required. This state-of-the-art system allows the customer full
view of his plant on one screen, regardless of inverter/module make
and regardless of installation type. Thus ensuring the optimum care
for all our plants.
Our operations and management services on all Solar Plants include
some of the following functions:

- SCADA Based Communication
- Real-time plant monitoring
- Forecasting and scheduling
- Utility interface and compliance with regulatory authorities
- Maintenance Coordination and communication
- Customer Dashboard with web interface to view plant performance
- Energy production forecasting.
LRG International sends in experts to asses and determine the total
size of an entity’s carbon footprint. From there it’s a natural
progression to Energy Consulting.
After designing a system, LRG International writes the specifications
for the products needed to guarantee the success of the project. Thus
ensuring the quality and successful completion as well as operation of
each plant under the LRG International family.
Project InitiationThis is the first phase of the Project Management phase. This is when
a new project is started and all the problems identified, from where a
solution is suggested and approved.
Project InstallationW e have in-house teams who strives towards delivering quality
installations. Each of our installation and building teams consists of
skilled workmen in all relevant areas pertaining to the project. The
Project Management Branch of the team runs a tight ship, making
sure that all installations are correct, neat and operates to its
optimum capacity. All sites are also managed by a comprehensive
Safety process and all aspects documented in a site safety file.
Energy MeteringA f t e r installing an Energy system/Plant, LRG International installs a
metering system. It enables the plant to implement sub metering on a
pre-paid or post-paid system.
Energy MonitoringL R G I n ternational believes in safety and maintenance. To ensure that
our plants can safely operate and maintained we install a
revolutionary off-site monitoring system that incorporates camera as
well as fire suppression systems. These are all housed on one
dashboard for full control by the customer.
Energy AuditingO u r E nergy Audit is a quantified calculation of the total power
consumption by each individual consuming category housed within
the infrastructure of the building i.e. HVac, lighting etc.
Metering &
Before, during and after each project, energy consumption is
measured and verified by a recognised and audited group of M=V